About Us

The UN and its Member States recognized that achieving sustainable development would require the active participation of all sectors of society and all types of people. To formalize the participation of (civil) society, the UN (DESA) has recognized "Major Groups" such as 'Women' and 'Workers and Trade Unions' and 'Other Stakeholders', such as migrants and persons with disabilities, to participate in UN processes related to sustainable development. In 2019, UN DESA officially recognized LGBTI people as one of those 'Other Stakeholder' and formalized the LGBTI Stakeholder Group.

The LGBTI Stakeholder Group is organized as a governing structure of a coalition of civil society organizations across all regions working to advance the rights and achieve highest development outcomes for LGBTI people. It is organized as a few different spaces, including a virtual space, through a listserv and conference calls, and physical space, through in-person preparatory, strategy and debriefing meetings before, during and after the High Level Political Forum (HLPF). It is a space for LGBTI advocates and allies to reflect and strategize on the issues around the implementation of the Agenda 2030, its relevance to the lives of LGBTI persons and ways forward. The LGBTI Stakeholder Group spaces aim at providing opportunities to focus on collective advocacy goals, map the state of implementation of the SDGs and inclusion of LGBTI issues, as well as challenges around these and potential solutions. Most of all, the LGBTI Stakeholder Groups is an opportunity for LGBTI advocates to support and learn from each other through best practices exchange, capacity building for newcomers, and continuous dialogue.

The Organizing Partners are the people/organisations who function as chairs and coordinators for the Stakeholder Group. Would you like to join the LGBTI Stakeholder Group or get in touch? Click the button below.