LGBTI Stakeholder Group

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About Us

The LGBTI Stakeholder Group is a coalition of civil society organizations across all regions working to advance the rights and achieve highest development outcomes for LGBTI people. It is a space for LGBTI advocates and allies to reflect and strategize on the issues around the implementation of the Agenda 2030, its relevance to the lives of LGBTI persons and ways forward. Most of all, the LGBTI Stakeholder Groups is an opportunity for LGBTI advocates to support and learn from each other through best practices exchange, capacity building for newcomers, and continuous dialogue.


The LGBTI Stakeholder Group releases a statement that calls for ensuring Inclusion of LGBTI People in COVID-19 Response Efforts.


The LGBTI Stakeholder Group releases their first ever Position Paper


The LGBTI Stakeholder Group will organize a side-event during the HLPF 2020 on LGBTI populations, SDGs and COVID-19

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